33 minutes | Jun 10, 2019

Interview Dr. Linda Hodges

If you reach for that chocolate or extra food that you don´t need. Dr. Linda Hodges question to ask: Why am I reaching for it? That insight has transformed my eating habits since then. Being honest with myself, a lot of the times I would eat in between the meals would be because I was stressing myself and it was a "thing" I just did to make me feel better. I asked this question every single time since the podcast, and 95% of the time I don´t eat these "things" in between. Even if I go to the bakery with my daughter, I don´t need to buy something for me, if I am not hungry. Her answer to the question: What are your clients really after? Weightloss, or what is their deep desire? Her answer: "I think what they are searching for is knowing that within themselves they can do it. They are searching for control." (...) "Most people don't realize how much power they have when it comes to this, because we feel so powerless with food for whatever reason." I find that to be true in the sense since I don´t need these foods in between to feel good- I feel more in control of my mind and self. Her Homepage https://exceptionalweightloss.com/ is worth the look.
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