29 minutes | Jul 31, 2019

How to raise confident, responsible children who can make sound decisions. Jedd Hafer from Love and Logic

This podcast was something special for all parents. We started out talking about how to raise responsible children who can make sound decisions when they grow up. To change the perspective of us saving them, telling them what to do, and solving their problems toward letting them to solve their own problems. By letting them struggle up the slide when they are young, or asking "Well what are you going to do?" "How will you solve this?" Before we jump directly into action. Even if they won't get the best answer themselves, we show them, that we believe they are capable of solving their own problems. If they don´t see yourself as a consultant who helps them solve their issue so that in the future they can solve their matters more and more.  We went on to talk about what to do when Children lie to us. I did a pre-post on that one because it was so good. In one sentence: Let consequences do the teaching, not the lecturing.  If that weren´t enough, we went on to how to build up a good self-concept (self-confidence), and what to do if praise backfires. "You were wonderful" "No, I wasn't".  And last but not least, with a lot of sugar in between, what to do when emotions get high with our children.  Love and Logic has so many valuable tools we can use to help guide our children and ourselves, to children with great confidence, responsibility and decisionmaking capabilities. Thank you, Jedd Hafer, for so much wonderful information and How-Tos. For more information: www.LoveandLogic.com 
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