29 minutes | Jun 20, 2019

Hanley van Wyk on Changing habits, influence your environment and handle your emotions

How funny and amazing would your family life (or work) go if, every time one gets out of temper, angry for example, he or she does 50 squats, runs up and down staircases 3x :)   Learned one hell of a word: psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology ( is the study of the interaction between the psyche, neural function, endocrine function and immune responses)  Quote at 21.50: " Hopelessness (...) If you are stuck in that mindset for typically one year, you will have changes in your body. The mindset is literally toxic for your body.  IOR DOESNT AFFECT SOMEBODY ELSE - you actually affect people in 3 to 4 degrees. Meaning you influence people you don't even know - the friend of a friend of a friend !! How crazy is that?   I could keep on going- another point to change behavior is looking at the environment. 20sec rules. If you binge buy - freeze your creditcard until iit is defrosted you will have time to think if you really want to buy it HAHAHA :D    https://habitsatwork.com/   http://bratlab.com/ 
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