33 minutes | May 19th 2020

034 Invitation to Stop Playing Small and COVID-19

Finding your new normal by living more authentically and with your fullest potential with Susan:

  • Reasons why we may play small and not live to our fullest potential.
  • Identifying when you are keeping yourself small and hiding out.
  • Living beyond the fear of criticism and judgment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Keeping yourself small does not serve yourself or those who are waiting for you.
  • COVID-19 is giving us a rare, valuable opportunity to reevaluate ourselves, our lives, and our potential future.
  • You have gifts and talents to share and an impact to make. People are out there waiting for you to show up because you matter.

"If you know that there’s a part of you that could share, more authentically, who you are with the people that you are in contact with and you’re holding back...you’ve got to ask yourself why. What is it you’re really afraid of or worried about? What part of you is concerned that they won’t accept you?." —  Susan Dascenzi

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