59 minutes | Apr 20, 2021

22 August 2018, 6pm, Meeting W EC Freeholders At Irvington Town Hall

An August 22, 2018 secretly recorded meeting between a group of abolitionist activists and two Essex County freeholders (now commissioners) that was secretly taped by one participant. At minute 44, activist Faye Lederman asks about her children using Essex County parks and the zoo and what she needs to them about how they're funded. Then-Vice President (now president) Wayne Richardson and board counsel Michael Parlavecchio try to obfuscate about the diverse revenue sources, but Parlavecchio explicitly confirms that the ICE money "is part of it." At that same meeting Essex County commissioner Wayne Richardson assiduously defends the impeccable conditions of the detention facility--though this meeting was after the July 2018 DHS inspection that revealed conditions so horrendous that DHS itself condemned it.
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