46 minutes | Oct 29, 2020

The Over/Under of Manufacturing Marketing With Chris Wilder, CEO of SEPCO

Chris Wilder, CEO of SEPCO, shares inspiration for executives to heed on why doubling down on marketing starts with exploring the power of earned, owned, paid, and social media. Articles and resources reference in this episode:Connect with Chris Wilder on LinkedIn Follow SEPCO on LinkedInContactless Connections: a Marketing Case Study in ActionVisit SEPCO’s WebsiteVisit SEPCO’s Knowledge Center: Seal ConnectIf you haven’t already, be sure to listen and review Industrial Strength Marketing on your preferred platform to let us know what you think of the show.Need help in telling your unique manufacturing story or mastering the top challenges and trends in industrial marketing? Visit our INDUSTRIAL Insights section to learn how to make marketing the strength of your manufacturing business.About the ShowAs a top manufacturing podcast, we’re focused on what matters most to industrial marketers and executives tasked with developing and delivering on a strategic growth agenda. Featuring inspiring conversations with manufacturing and B2B marketing leaders on the lessons learned along the way, this show exists to deliver insights that help you grow your business.Are you looking to share your expertise with industrial prospects, influencers, and leaders across the supply chain? Apply to be a guest on the show.
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