52 minutes | Oct 16th 2018

Third Generation Scientology w/ Nathan Rich, ex-Scientology - S2E9pt1

Nathan Rich seems to have it all. The former Chief Technology Officer of the largest visual effects company in China, or as he calls himself, the "Alpha Nerd"; one would never guess that he was born and raised in the Church of Scientology. Rachel and Nathan discuss his years as a young boy raised at the Church's now defunct Mace Kingsley Ranch in New Mexico-- known for slave labor and abuse. After his grandfather "dropped his body," he moved in with his high ranking (OTVIII) grandmother in Clearwater, Florida. She then began to mentally collapse after exhibiting feelings, that her "powers" were supposed to repress. Stay tuned, Before You Go: Rachel gets into the work of adapting to life after cults. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is extremely common. Fear, anxiety, insecurity, shame, isolation, disassociation, loneliness and lack of trust in others as well as oneself: are all common traits of newly freed victims of cults and manipulative groups/partners.