32 minutes | Jul 27, 2018

Will Arnett and Mike Myers on Reviving 'The Gong Show' With a Cheeky Twist (Episode 97)

When the Will Arnett-produced revival of The Gong Show premiered in 2017, the network went along with the ruse that the show's host was a British comedic hosting legend named Tommy Maitland. Of course, it wasn't entirely a secret that Mike Meyers was really playing the character, under prosthetic makeup. Now on season two, the host's real identity is out in the open -- but the fun remains. IndieWire sat down with Meyers and Arnett to talk about the reboot, including how Meyers came up with the Tommy Maitland character as well as the state of the changing business, why TV hosting has become a popular gig for A-list stars, why it's fun to parody British TV stars, and how having young kids changed both of their outlooks. (Music by Omar Khan and Hook Sounds.)
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