48 minutes | Aug 23, 2018

'The Handmaid's Tale' Producer Bruce Miller on His Favorite 'ER' Episode

The medical drama ER premiered in 1994, and quickly became a monster hit. The show ran for 15 seasons, through 2009, and helped change TV storytelling. For "The Handmaid's Tale" showrunner Bruce Miller, it was also an inspiration as he embarked on a writing career. Miller eventually wrote on the show, and still carries the lessons he learned from showrunner John Wells as he now heads up "The Handmaid's Tale." IndieWire recently sat down with Miller to discuss the success of "The Handmaid's Tale," and the pressure that comes with so much attention -- and Emmys -- in its first season. We began by discussing Miller's favorite episode of TV ever, the "ER" pilot. And later, Miller reveals his favorite installment of "Handmaid's Tale." (Music by HookSounds.)
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