39 minutes | Aug 17, 2018

'Stranger Things' Star David Harbour on His Favorite 'The X-Files' Episode

Back in 1999, "Stranger Things" star David Harbour was still a struggling actor in New York, working on stage, in soaps and of course, guesting on Dick Wolf's Law & Order. The biggest thing on TV was "The X-Files," and to this day, David's favorite episode of TV ever is the Season 6 installment "Field Trip." In this episode, we talk to Harbour about that "monster of the week" episode, the dynamic between Mulder and Scully, and how the episode's themes relate quite a bit to "Stranger Things." Harbour also reveals his favorite episode of "Stranger Things" so far, and how the show is evolving as it heads into Season 3. (Music by HookSounds.)
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