31 minutes | Jan 26, 2019

'Crashing' Star Pete Holmes on Imitating Judd Apatow, Saving Artie Lange, and Season 3

At the end of Season 2 of HBO's "Crashing," fictional Pete Holmes discovers a darker side of his personality, while doing a roast battle with his girlfriend. It freaks him out so much, as a matter of fact, that he breaks up with her and questions his very persona. Now, as Season 3 opens, Pete continues to evolve both as a person and as a standup. The show follows Pete as the character starts to taste some success -- and experiences the ego that comes with that. The season also touches on timely issues, such as misogyny in comedy, and leads to a big moment for Pete in the season finale. Returning guests include comedian Artie Lange, whose addiction struggles have been addressed throughout the show. We sat down with Holmes at the Austin ATX TV Festival last June. For information on how to attend this year’s festival (June 6-9, 2019), please visit: atxfestival.com. (Music by HookSounds.)
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