37 minutes | Jun 25, 2018

Claire Danes on What to Expect As 'Homeland' Potentially Winds Down (Episode 94)

Through seven seasons, Claire Danes' "Homeland" character, Carrie Mathison, has saved the world and the American government too many times to mention. But spoiler alert, the character ends Season 7 in pretty bad shape -- setting the stage for what may or may not be the show's final season. IndieWire's TURN IT ON podcast recently sat down with Homeland star and producer Claire Danes to discuss the show's evolution through the years, and how it has more recently mirrored real headlines as it takes on Russian meddling in American affairs. We also talked about a controversial choice at the end of the season, and a cliffhanger that left her character in a place not dissimilar to Brody in Season 1. We began by discussing the when the show will get up and running, and how first, Danes has another, more personal project in development. (Music by Omar Khan and Hook Sounds.)
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