31 minutes | Oct 11, 2018

Shari O’Donnell, CEO/Founder, Nantosuelta Entertainment

Shari O’Donnell is a producer, private equity broker and the founder of Nantosuelta Entertainment (www.nantosueltaentertainment.com). Her company offers the world's leading film incentive package for filming in Ireland. With over a decade of experience as head of production at leading production companies such as Zanzibar Films and Olympia Films, she has produced and sold several film slates. She holds a BA in law from Dublin Business School and an MA in film finance. Since 2009, she has been brokering film deals on behalf of high net worth individuals. Ms. O’Donnell set up Nantosuelta Entertainment in 2017 to offer Ireland’s film incentive (32% of up to EUR 70 million per film), in advance to any filmmaker who shoots in Ireland, making her company one of the only companies in the world offering this service. Her company also offers additional private equity with its current production slate primarily focused on Irish historical and folklore storytelling.   Ms. O’Donnell recently produced “Penance,” an Irish language feature film starring Peter Coonan and in 2009, she was part of the team of producers who found former president Barack Obama’s ancestral roots in Ireland, leading to the documentary and presidential visit on their findings. The same year, she won the Golden Palm Award for “The Lost World of the Crystal Skull,” a feature documentary film based on the lost city of Atlantis. She is based in LA and frequents Ireland regularly with her productions. She is currently in production with “Lara’s Home” alongside Thierry Potok (The Bourne Supremacy, Casino Royal, Mission Impossible) and Hemnen, a Norwegian co-production directed by Nils Gaup (Pathfinder).
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