43 minutes | Dec 14, 2017

David M. Raynor - Filmmaker

Monica speaks to David Raynor, filmmaker. Their conversation is a delicate topic and the subject of David's new award winning film ."We Need to Talk"  He will be a panelist speaker during Sundance Film Festival  Space is limited RSVP now   ABOUT DAVID David M. Raynor began his working life at the age of 19, becoming a hairdresser in the city of Melbourne. He won some awards for styling and cutting and opened his own hairdressing salon in partnership.  After a couple of years he decided to move to Sydney where he wanted to work with magazines such as Vogue, Cosmo, Cleo. David then set out on his own path again and opened three hairdressing salons on Sydney’s North Shore. However, David felt that he needed something more, so using his contacts from his magazine work he started photography and worked with some of the best modeling agencies in Australia.  David returned to Melbourne where he and a couple of friends made a short film. David had never written a script before and he decided that, as he wasn’t connected in the industry, and as he was starting at an older age, that he needed to write and direct his own stories. So that is what he did. Fast forward, in the last four years David has won over 30 International awards for his short films and a number of the cast and crew have also managed award status. “This is why I make films”. David said. Winning awards is the recognising that the cast and crew put in the hours for the love of film. “This is very self-satisfying for me’, he said. David's latest film, ‘We Need To Talk’, is a 42 minute short film, about trying to prevent youth suicide, a topic that he has handled with the thoughtfulness, integrity and respect. It is currently being developed into a feature film in 2018. Also in 2018, David will be produce a French Noir classic overtone titled ‘ Ubiquitous’. David’s passion for his film work is inspiring as he commits himself to each project with a keen eye and natural ability, with admirable results.
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