50 minutes | Dec 3rd 2020

Ciara Fritsch of Pure Body Nantucket [Indie Stories: Episode 76: Podcast]

Welcome to Episode 76 of the Indie Business Podcast! Today's Indie Story introduces you to Ciara Fritsch, of Pure Body Nantucket, in Nantucket, Massachusetts. A native of Ireland, Ciara arrived in America in 1994 and settled in Nantucket where she met her husband. While she helps him manage an antique store on the island, her personal and entrepreneurial passion is leading Pure Body Nantucket, which she launched in 2016. Ciara graduated with honors from the Natural Product Manufacturing program at the American College of Healthcare Sciences. Her mission is providing effective, organic and plant-based skin care products using great quality ingredients. Enjoy my interview with Ciara NOW! Click the arrow to enjoy the Indie Business Podcast Episode Show Notes Here are the topics discussed in this episode, with time stamps to help you find the information that interests you most: How Ciara came to America to start a new life, meet her future husband, and a new business. (starting at 1:23)Ciara, the cautious risk taker. (starting at 6:50)The process of starting Ciara's business. (starting at 10:48)How Ciara's husband helps her in her business, and how she helps him in his. (starting at 15:00)The structure of Ciara's business: physical presence (at her husband's antique shop), online sales, physical markets, wholesale to retail stores in New England. (starting at 15:40)Ciara's feedback and experience about selling at farmer's markets. (starting at 18:35)How COVID-19 led to free shipping, and massive increase in sales. (starting at 22:56)Ciara's favorite parts of her business. (starting at 27:35)Setting up a website. (starting at 30:10)Ciara does all of her own photography (30:53)Ciara's thoughts on automation and systems when it comes to social media marketing. (starting at 34:49)Who helps Ciara in her business. (starting at 37:47)Building a business around what you want your life to look like. (starting at 40:51)Ciara's best selling product (and you can win a bottle of it — see below!) (starting at 40:55)Ciara's advice to new Makers. (starting at 43:36) The incentive of free shipping brings people back to my website over and over again, and they often refer their friends simply because they won't have to pay for shipping, says @purebodyack #indiestories #indiebusiness #indiebusinessnetworkClick To Tweet Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode In this episode, Melissa and I mentioned the following resources. Pure Body Nantucket's WebsitePure Body Nantucket on FacebookPure Body Nantucket on InstagramEducation: American College of Healthcare SciencesEducation: Evergreen Clinic of Natural MedicineFarmer's Market: Sustainable NantucketWebsite design: Neha: Email Neha@jadelilly.comMembership: Indie Business NetworkAntique store: The Antiques Depot: 2 South Beach Street, Nantucket: 508-228-1287 Important entrepreneurial insight from Ciara I want to emphasize something Ciara said that I thought was especially insightful. So often, we do not want to offer free shipping because shipping is a huge expense. Ciara intentionally decided in favor of free shipping for orders, regardless of size, and she says that not only is it a great incentive generally, but it's also a great way to thank your customers for paying full price for your products. Ciara says she really does not like having sales, and the incentive of free shipping brings people back over and over again, and they often refer their friends to her store simply because they will not have to pay for shipping — even if they purchase just one thing. I think this is something for all brands to consider, especially since having to pay for shipping is one of the chief reasons shoppers abandon their carts and don't return. Win a bottle of Nourishing Body Oil Want to in a bottle of Pure Body Nantucket's Nourishing Body Oil? View this post on Instagram A post shared by purebodynantucket (@purebodynantucket) Here's how to win! All you have to do is share this blog post on Twitter, and tag @indiebusiness on Twitter by Saturday, December 5 at 11:59pm ET. We'll check you out and pick a winner at random and notify you via DM. Binge Indie Business Podcast Episodes If you want to binge listen to previous episodes, you can do that here. Subscribe to Indie Business Podcast If you enjoy the Indie Business Podcast, please subscribe so you can get each episodes as it is released. You can subscribe on Apple Podcasts (on iPhone) or Stitcher (via Google Play or via Apple Podcasts). Rate Indie Business Podcast, Tell Your Friends and Comment If you enjoy the Indie Business Podcast, please rate my show on Apple Podcasts, and be sure to subscribe there to receive automatic episodes as they are released. The post Ciara Fritsch of Pure Body Nantucket [Indie Stories: Episode 76: Podcast] appeared first on Indie Business Network.
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