9 minutes | Dec 29th 2020

092: Book plans & writing projects for 2021

This episode of Indie Author Weekly shares Sagan's author plans and writing projects for 2021, PLUS what you need to think about when you're planning ahead with your own writing projects for the upcoming year!  In our previous episode of Indie Author Weekly, Episode 91, I shared about how my writing plans changed over the course of 2020… so I thought you might be interested in hearing about my upcoming author and writing plans for the new year!  As you probably already know, I am very multipassionate. And that means I have a lot of moving pieces to my business. So I need to arrange all of that into my schedule, and it also means that I pivot often to refine my processes and ideas and plans.   TUNE IN to this episode of Indie Author Weekly to get the inside scoop...  Resources & links mentioned in this episode:Get podcast and book updates delivered to your inbox at SaganMorrow.com/behindthescenes .Learn more about all of Sagan's books at SaganMorrow.com/books .Get more focused and disciplined with Productivity Powerhouse at SaganMorrow.com/powerhouse .Small Town Stilettos: add to your "To Read" list on Goodreads!Episode 91 of the Indie Author Weekly podcast: when book plans change during a pandemic .Episode 41 of the Indie Author Weekly podcast: 5 tips for how to plan book projects in the upcoming year .Business Planning Retreat Workshop: SaganMorrow.com/retreat .Tune into Indie Author Weekly on your favourite podcast platform at SaganMorrow.com/podcast .Subscribe, rate and review this podcast on Apple Podcasts .Let's chat about this episode:@Saganlives on Twitter and Instagram .Hashtag: #IndieAuthorWeekly .Email hello@saganmorrow.com .Share your thoughts (or submit requests for future episode topics) in this survey at SaganMorrow.com/question Support the show (https://saganmorrow.com/secretpodcast)
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