10 minutes | Dec 22nd 2020

091: When book plans change during a pandemic

This episode of Indie Author Weekly shares how my author and writing plans changed this past year, PLUS how to handle things when YOUR writing plans change...  After all, we’re heading into a brand new year in just a couple weeks! This is a good time for reflection and assessment of the previous year, and for planning ahead into the upcoming year.  Back in Episode 41 of this Indie Author Weekly podcast, I shared a 5-step process for how to plan your book projects for the upcoming year. I also shared my own book plans. Of course, 2020 has been a Year, with a capital Y. If anyone’s plans actually stayed the same this year, that is impressive! But regardless, it’s easy to get off track or derailed or to simply change our plans any year, let alone a year like 2020.  My initial plans for 2020 were to complete my entire Polyamorous Passions series—that is, Books 7 - 9, AKA Scarlett’s trilogy—and also to publish a spinoff poetry book that “Scarlett” writes in the Polyamorous Passions series. At the time of making these plans, I had already mapped out Book 7 and I believe I also had a working draft of the novel.  Well! I ended up reworking those plans pretty early on, for two main reasons… #1, I wanted to build up the productivity teaching side of my business, so that I could have a strong, healthy financial foundation for working on the author side of my business. And #2, the pandemic meant that I, along with everyone else this year, had way lower energy and creativity levels than normal, which made book writing tricky. The other part of this is that it’s really, really challenging to write a romance novel specifically during a pandemic.  TUNE IN to this episode to get the inside scoop on what to do when writing plans change, plus how author Sagan Morrow changed her book plans during the pandemic...  Resources & links mentioned in this episode:  Get podcast and book updates delivered to your inbox at SaganMorrow.com/behindthescenes .Learn more about all of Sagan's books at SaganMorrow.com/books .Get more focused and disciplined with Productivity Powerhouse at SaganMorrow.com/powerhouse .Small Town Stilettos: add to your "To Read" list on Goodreads!  Episode 41 of the Indie Author Weekly podcast: how to plan your book projects for the upcoming year .Grab the Relationship Rebel t-shirt and other Polyamorous Passions merchandise at SaganMorrow.com/shop .Business Planning Retreat Workshop: SaganMorrow.com/retreat .Tune into Indie Author Weekly on your favourite podcast platform at SaganMorrow.com/podcast .Subscribe, rate and review this podcast on Apple Podcasts .Let's chat about this episode:  @Saganlives on Twitter and Instagram .Hashtag: #IndieAuthorWeekly .Email hello@saganmorrow.com .Share your thoughts (or submit requests for future episode topics) in this survey at SaganMorrow.com/question Support the show (https://saganmorrow.com/secretpodcast)
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