16 minutes | Nov 2nd 2020

084: Getting over the fear of success

Do you have a fear of success? What about a fear of failure? Is fear in general holding you back from writing your book? We address all of that and more in this episode of the Indie Author Weekly podcast! 

Today, we're responding to a listener comment about the fear of success... "When it comes to getting my writing out there, I’m more scared of success than failure."  

If that's you, too, please know that you are not alone! Fear of success is super common—but there are strategies to overcome it. We also address another listener comment in today's episode: "If I wrote as honestly as I fantasize being able to do, I would be afraid of success, too. I’ve thought about writing under a penname. My concern is about being 100% about my thoughts and experiences, and what people would think. I only want to write with brutal honesty or not at all."  

In this combination encouraging pep talk and practical strategies podcast episode, we'll get past your fear of failure, once and for all, so you can finally realize your dreams of becoming an author. TUNE IN to this episode to get that now...   

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