15 minutes | Oct 26th 2020

083: Step-by-step guide for how to fit "writing a book" into your schedule

This episode of Indie Author Weekly shares a few tips for what you can do to fit writing a book into your busy schedule. I have a step-by-step guide, a 5-step process, for how to do just that. As a productivity strategist, I teach business owners all the time about how to improve time management and productivity… so let’s apply that to your author life.  

First of all, there are 2 key things you need to know about managing your time effectively:  

  1. Good time management is rooted in good energy management. 
  2. Effective time management and awesome productivity skills are not rocket science: anyone can do it! Yes, that includes you. 

I want you to keep these 2 things in mind when you’re trying to fit “writing a book” into your busy schedule.  

Also, remember this: *What* you choose to prioritize isn’t the issue here... it’s *that YOU make the active choice.* It is that you understand that you have the opportunity to prioritize the things that matter to you. If you are serious about writing and publishing a book, it needs to be a priority.  

We all have different backgrounds and things going on in our lives, of course. For myself, I postponed writing novels for YEARS, and I started writing and publishing the Polyamorous Passions series while I was going through a business partnership breakup, going through some of the worst anxiety of my life, and I also have chronic insomnia and nightmare disorder.  

We all have different things in life and business to deal with—it’s not as though you can necessarily drop everything to work on your book, but it does need to be a priority. No matter your background or personal circumstances, I want you to have hope and confidence that you, too, *can* fit a book into your schedule.  

TUNE IN to this episode for a step-by-step process for how to fit “writing a book” into your schedule...  

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