38 minutes | Apr 10, 2015

We Can Do Better

In the new discussion segment of Indian, American, Akaash and Arjun discuss themes that resonated with them during the interview. In response to this week's interview with Anuvab Pal, Akaash and Arjun discuss how in India there is a community for artists that believes more in the philosophy of "a rising tide lifts all boats" than here in the states. They explore why that is, leaning to the conclusion that our status as minorities leaves us less space to be involved and cultivates a "Fuck you, I'm gonna get mine." mindset The discussion then moves to audiences. Our hosts get confused and heated in discussing how rude and ill-mannered we become as a group and they implore you guys as listeners to chime in as to why. They then engage with the tweets they received in the past week that dealt with Bollywood, sex, why Akaash is so shy, and racism. As always we ask y'all to review and rate. Discuss and share our podcast! We are only as strong as our community and we continue to hope you join!
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