60 minutes | Jan 12, 2015

Timothy DeLaGhetto- Asian Pride

Assimilation. Shame. Pride. Heritage. Cultural Lineage. Gender Roles. Mental Stigmas. These are issues we have explored in respect to how they have affected the South Asian American community; but what about other immigrant communities? Do people who have immigrated from other countries, and are similarly first generation experience the same things? If so, how has their community dealt with it and can we learn from each other? Meet Timothy DeLaGhetto. Timothy is a first generation Thai-American who has carved out a niche for himself as an internet, and now television, star. We discuss with him the journey that led him to this point, and how his Thai upbringing has affected that journey. We also discuss how it created the platform and start for him in this world, but then became somewhat of a cage. Akaash and Arjun then follow this up with a thought provoking discussion about defining success through our audience and its cultural make-up. 
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