45 minutes | Mar 23, 2015

The Casting Couch Shit Show

The casting couch. We spoke to Omi Vaidya about it, but now we get a female's perspective. One who has been out in the field and lived to tell about it. Surina Jindal come to us from a small town in North Carolina. She was introduced to and fell in love with Bollywood through the dances. Dances she would practice by watching VHS tapes over and over until they wore out. This love was so strong, she transferred rom a Division I University to a technical institute on Long Island because their Bhangra team was better. The conversation ends up bobbing and weaving through many topics as our hosts were feeling loose and our guest was hungover. And yet, because they are so dope, Arjun and Akaash still managed to hit the themes of sexual perversity, displacement of heritage, Bobby Jindal, Bhangra, and Arjun's chest. Make sure to listen to the whole roller coaster of an episode and then comment on our Facebook and Twitter page! Also Rate and Subscribe! Much love and God bless.
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