37 minutes | Mar 9, 2015

Rajiv & Natasha Shenoy- 2 States (Pt. 1)

What about that marriage thing? Akaash and Arjun don’t know a damn thing about it personally, but they went out and found two people who did. Enter Rajiv and Natasha Shenoy. One, a native Texan with a powerful stubborn personality, the other with a soft gentility from the DC area. They sound like really different people don’t they? They are- except for their Indianness. We chat with this married couple about their paths growing up and how their experiences brought them to value cultural compatibility in a partner. We explore their relationship and the trials they still had to navigate. How do the issues of assimilation and cultural compatibility affect a new marriage? Also, with one North Indian and one South Indian, is it easy to stay true to your individual cultures, or is it easier find someone from your own tribe? As mentioned in previous podcasts, we are moving our discussion to a separate episode later in the week, so make sure to write in so we can involve you in our discussion!
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