38 minutes | Mar 16, 2015

Rajiv and Nitu- Two States (Pt. 2)

For those of you that missed part one…what are you doing?!? Go download it!! For those of you that forgot, Rajiv and Nitu joined the podcast as the first couple to be interviewed together. They are a recently married couple who spoke to the value of cultural compatibility. In part two, Rajiv and Nitu Shenoy continue their discussion with the boys about the fabric of marriage. They explore how logic and practicality balance with love and emotion in what becomes a discussion of Eastern and Western attitudes. The conversation then moves to religion, and the implication it has on a relationship and child-rearing. Is religious compatibility as important as cultural compatibility? Is it even a separate category? The discussion then moves somewhat contentiously towards gender roles. The role of the mother and the father; the role of the husband and the wife. Let's just say there is disagreement on what those roles need to be. Again, the discussion part of the interview is now a different episode that we will release in a few days so please reach out on Twitter and Facebook so we can involve you in that discussion! Thanks guys and girls…or ladka and ladki (how do you pluralize that?)
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