41 minutes | Mar 30, 2015

Cultural Lessons through Seinfeld

“When a language dies, a way of understanding the world dies with it, a way of looking at the world. ” ― George Steiner. Many of us South Asians in this country don’t speak our mother tongue regularly, whether its Telugu, Hindi, Urdu, or Bengali. Are we losing a way of understanding? Are we already behind the eight ball when it comes to honoring our cultures? Or are we just a process of the evolution of culture and the natural evolution of language? On this week's episode, we welcome a professor of one of the mother tongues of the region: Hindi. Seema Khurana, a family friend of Arjun’s, who our co-hosts refer to in the respectful way of Seema Aunty. Seema Aunty speaks with us about the history of Hindi, the political implications of it and its changes, and addresses her level of concern about the loss of Hindi. She also tells the story of how she herself assimilated and took on the transition from “suburban housewife” to university professor. We tackle the issues presented in both those transitions as she turns the conversation around a bit to our co hosts.  Built into this assimilation process was a realization that she was not seeing her story presented by South Asian stories written in English; so she has become an advocate for Diaspora Hindi writers to become more well known in the community. As always, our discussion episode will be in a few days. So write into our Twitter or Facebook page. Catch you in a couple days. 
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