51 minutes | Dec 8, 2020

The Conversation No One Wants To Have

As we approach the holidays, this may be a good time to discuss the wants and needs of our family in retirement. Even though this conversation can be tough and emotional, it's one that is pertinent to your retirement plan. Today Matt and Nick will discuss some of the barriers that can stand in the way of this conversation, a few ways to get this discussion started, and issues that could potentially happen if you don't bring these topics up. Show Notes: PDF - Practical Tips: Who to contact when a loved one dies -  https://bit.ly/39X1wyv PDF - Ways To Create Your Retirement Paycheck - https://bit.ly/3oA8M7K Get Access To The IFL Manual Vault - https://www.incomeforlife.org/get-your-roadmap-for-retirement/   833-450-3062 incomeforlife.org foldsofhonor.org
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