31 minutes | May 21, 2021

Seeing Me – Understanding The Self

In todays podcast we take a deep dive into the ideas that make me a me and you a you! We cannot understand anything without understanding ourself first! We look at the need for an accurate self concept – we have to own really who we are right now and stop pretending to be what we are not putting effort into being or becoming. We look at the need for self awareness – the more self aware we are the more accurate we can be with our self as we stand today, This give us the knowledge of where we are and what gaps are keeping us for who we want to be! Then and only then can we have a positive self esteem. We cannot have a positive self esteem from pretending to be something – because WE know we are not that thing – which makes us have to acknowledge at some dark moment we are NOT that thing. Then we need to keep practicing self awareness to understand – we are in the process of “becoming” our best self – and the process is NEVER finished – we just get better and better with time! If this podcast was of benefit or of blessing to you LET SOMEONE know about it. You can also rate and review the podcast or this channel which helps get the word out as well! Or email me at inclusive activism@cox.net or learn more about me and what I am up to at www.inclusiveactivism.com on Facebook at The Inclusive Activism Podcast, on Insta @rowdyduncan or twitter @RowdyD
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