19 minutes | Aug 7th 2018

Ways to increase traffic to your website

In this podcast, Alastair from the Website Doctor takes us through all the ways to increase the traffic on your website. Another great way of getting referral traffic is writing a guest post for someone. - Alastair McDermott He talks about content marketing as a way of getting traffic to your website and expands on it by and telling us how to decide what channel is good for you to focus on to get traffic relevant to your business. If writing is your thing Alastair gives invaluable tips when creating a blog including ways to borrow an audience and be more effective with your time. If you found this podcast useful for your business please share it on twitter @incsixty or facebook.com/inc60. We welcome any feedback directly on Inc60.com View Alastair's details and the full article on Getting more traffic to your website in Ireland on Inc60.com
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