16 minutes | Jul 24th 2018

Termination of Employment Contracts

Noreen Coyne from People Matters discusses all forms of termination of contracts in this HR Termination of Employment Podcast. She takes us through Fixed Term Contracts, Redundancy, Retirement, and gives us great insight into Dismissals. As an Irish employer, you may find yourself in the unpleasant situation where you have to terminate someone's employment contract. It is never an easy place to be in, whether it's redundancy of a position or firing someone due to gross misconduct. It's good to know more about employment legislation in Ireland and the right approach to take. Noreen Coyne is an experienced HR specialist who gives very practical advice within the context of employment legislation in Ireland. If you found this podcast useful for your business please share it on twitter @incsixty or facebook.com/inc60. We welcome any feedback directly on Inc60.com View Noreen's details and the full article on Termination of Contracts in Ireland on Inc60.com
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