18 minutes | Aug 7th 2018

Getting your business online

Have you ever had that frustrating question again and again? Is your business online? You have been meaning to do something about it and take the plunge but you have no idea where to start. The reasons might be you don't have enough time in the day, your scared or you're just not interested in anything to do with computers. If someone is selling a product shopify might be a good place to start - Alastair McDermott Well, whatever your reason take 18 minutes out, go for a walk, a drive or put your feet up and have a listen to this podcast. The first thing might be just to get your head around what it means to have your business online. Alastair McDermott (The Website Doctor) takes us through all the confusing terminology. He also lets us know about ways we can have an online presence pretty quickly and painlessly. For further links and information about this podcast visit Inc60.com. Please let us know your thoughts and experiences on facebook, twitter or contact us directly on Inc60.com
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