15 minutes | May 26, 2021

What To Send Your List In June 2021| EP 182

Let's talk about what to send your email list in June.  Want even more ideas about what to send your email list? Head over to www.katedoster.com/what-to-send  for 2 years worth of email ideas completed mapped out for you.  Want to save even more time? Head over to www.theemailmarketingfairy.com for over 60+ pre-written email templates covering everything from sales funnels to welcomes series. There's even 30 pre-written newsletters too.  Don't forget to grab your free seat to the Cookie Effect Free Masterclass so you can start making money with your email list without feeling like a spammer face. www.katedoster.com/free-training.  See you on the gram. @kate_doster _________
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