12 minutes | Apr 21st 2021

What To Send In May | 177

So today we are kicking it out of that old school because I've been doing this for quite a while now. But we are going to talk about four things that you can send your list in May.   So if you are completely frazzled out, you do not know what to send. Do you get keyboard tied? This is the episode for you. Of course, you can use these sentence starters to talk about on a blog post that you have, or a podcast episode.   In today's episode we talk about What To Send Your List In May:   National Teachers Day [blank] reasons I've been able to, And then you're going to pitch a paid offer at the end My best time saving tip for (try to be as granular as possible)  how to stay [blank] even if [statement]     // Our Tools Of Week My OnDemand free training, the cookie method, how to write emails so good they like their screen where you're going to learn these single type of freebie that took one of the students of love your list to over 7000 new subscribers in one year when it literally took her seven years to get her first 1000.   For a limited time, get 2 years worth of strategically planned weekly newsletter topics, your subscribers (and wallet) will love. (No new blog posts required).       // Get Credit For Listening Tag me in your Instagram Stories @kate_doster    // Free Stuff For You [Free Audio Book ] From Audible https://www.katedoster.com/freebook   // Let’s Connect Email | kate@katedoster.com Questions For the Podcast| https://www.katedoster.com/ask Blog | https://www.katedoster.com/blog Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/kate_doster/ Pinterest | https://www.pinterest.com/thekatedoster/ Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/katedostercommunications/
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