37 minutes | Jul 14, 2021

The Cheese Goblin & Losing the Business Baby Weight (Getting Healthy Shouldn't Be All or Nothing) w/ Nick Anderson

Did you grab your free ticket the Big 3 Summit Audience Growth Edition going July 19 - July 23 yet?  If not what are you waiting for? Head over to https://www.thebig3summit.com right now.  (And tag me on your IG stories when you do @kate_doster) ________ I know I know I said wasn't coming back until August 18th and that's still true, but I'm coming back for a "What to send your list in August" at the end of the month and I just couldn't wait to share with you this episode.  You see I've neglected my health and wellness for so long it was starting to take a serious toll and I don't want the same for you. So we are starting a quarterly health & wellness series on the podcast.  To kick things off - we're chatting with my friend Nick Anderson of nickandersonfitness.com all about getting back on the horse with your fitness and eating better.  Fair warning there is ALOT of giggling in this episode because we've known each other for like 15 years and it's hard to be super professional together... However in this episode we chat about: How no food is actually bad food If you should focus on what you put in your mouth first or movement first  Why the word "Tupperware" is so triggering to Nick What it's like working with a health coach Cheese goblins If losing body fat is your goal - what is one thing you should focus on.  ______ Learn more about Nick Anderson of Nick Anderson Fitness: Follow Nick on Instagram @nickandersonfitness Follow Nick on TikToc @nickandersonfitness Website:  https://nickandersonfitness.com/ Bio: "Hey, I'm Nick And I am here for you. I'm an online health and fitness coach, and my goal is to guide you through the endless void of fad diets, shady fitness ploys, and general fitness BS. I know what it's like to try and navigate the fitness world. With all the misinformation out there, I've tried (and failed) a lot of things. Everywhere from restricting myself from eating potatoes, to believing I couldn't eat past 7:01PM. I'm here to help you not make the same mistakes I did, and help you find a long-term sustainable approach to health and fitness. I'm not here to change you for a month, I'm here to change you for life." _____ Links Mentioned: Get your free audio book (like Atomic Habits) when you sign up for Audible.com here.  https://www.thebig3summit.com    
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