22 minutes | Jun 2, 2021

Ask Me Anything Part 1: Podcasting & Tech Questions (Mini-Sode) | Ep 183

We're making June - Ask Me Anything Month.  A couple weeks ago I posted an Instagram story and told everyone they could ask me anything. And man, was a blown away about how many questions I got. Especially since my following isn't that big yet over there.  So I broke down all the questions I got into a couple of categories and I'm going be answering them over the next month rapid fire style.  This week installment: Podcasting & Tech Questions.  After day you'll know: What apps and mic do you use for your podcast? Is anchor okay to host my podcast? Where did you get the background music for your podcast How do you get your podcast on iTunes? If your podcast really effective for driving traffic and sales? What do you use to host your autowebinar? What are you using for your IG reels What are you favorite biz apps? Do you still use Trello? Next week - I'm thinking it's going to be launching and newsletter questions but I might breakdown into two separate podcasts Links mentioned today: **Most of these are affiliate links** - My instagram - @kate_doster - The mic that I use to record my podcast - The "arm" my mic is on + pop filter - My podcast hosting - Podbean (You can get started for free) - Pond5 was the name of the company I get my intro & ad music from - I forget the name in the podcast - Video hosting for webinar - Vimeo - Deadline Funnel timers for real urgency - Clickup  - Canva Pro - for Reels Covers - Notes App on my IMac & IPhone - Leadpages - for landing pages & opt-in boxes ( but really I love the stats)   Cookie Effect Free Masterclass
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