22 minutes | Jun 9, 2021

[AMA Part 2] Newsletter + Freebie Questions |184

Welcome to our month long ask me anything series.  Got a question you want answered? Follow me on Instagram @kate_doster   Today we are tackling all your newsletter related questions including: What is the best day to send newsletters? Is it okay to email twice a week? When is the best time to send newsletter? How do re-sends work? Are they a good idea? What happens if someone signed up for alot of my freebie at once? How many freebies should I have? Should someone get my welcome series if they buy my product on my Thank You Page.    Limited Time Free Access: THE COOKIE EFFECT MASTERCLASS How to send emails so good, subscribers lick the screen. 👅 (Even if  your writing never sounds as good as it does in your head.)   >>> Lock your spot now: https://www.katedoster.com/free-training Let's connect on Instagram.  Other free things: 30 days free of Convertkit Get a free audio from Audible
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