41 minutes | May 22, 2018

16- Male Sexual Violence & the Church (with Lyvonne Picou)

When was the last time you heard a preacher—or any religious or ethical leader—talk about sex, bodies, or male sexual violence from the pulpit? And yet—if you look around your congregation, so many of us have been affected by male sexual violence, gender-based violence, and sexual trauma. If we are the Body of Christ, why do we shy away from actually talking about…bodies? Lyvonne “Proverbs” Picou is a preacher, speaker, poet, educator, creative social entrepreneur, and an Emmy-award-winning media producer. Through her organization, beautiful scars, the Reverend Picou promotes healthy and safe conversations around religion, sex, and Blackness in order to, ultimately, address the silence in the Black Church on sexual abuse.
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