46 minutes | Jan 4th 2018

01 - Are There Limits to Dialogue? (with Kendra Fredrickson-Laouini)

As part of a Muslim-Christian family, interfaith educator Kendra Fredrickson-Lauoini experiences discrimination and rich opportunities for dialogue daily, including on social media. Since the 2016 presidential election, divisive and hateful speech has become more visible. And yet, ordinary people across the world are reaching out to learn more about others, and try to build peaceful workplaces and communities for themselves and their families. In this episode, we explore challenges to dialogue, and how tools like Facebook and Twitter can be great for connecting with others, and can also make civil discourse seem impossible. Kendra and Stephanie talk candidly about their own shortcomings when it comes to encounter with difference, and how they are working to learn more to lead better.

Show Notes: https://www.claremontlincoln.edu/engage/clu-live/podcasts/in-times-like-these/limits-dialogue-kendra-fredrickson-laouini/

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