41 minutes | Nov 11, 2019

S2: Episode 5 || Ali Johnson ||

On our new episode, we have the privilege of chatting with Ali J. We talk about God rebuilding and restoring us, drawing us closer to us. This conversation was encouraging and a beautiful testament to what kind of work that God does in our lives. Ali Johnson loves spoken word poetry, exploring local coffee shops , painting & hanging out with her friends and having meaningful conversations. Ali hopes to travel more & experience the full beauty of the Lord. She seeks the Lord in all that she does and is always looking for ways to serve. She aspires to one day run a nonprofit that serves the city of Memphis or wherever the Lord leads her. You can connect with us on instagram @inthemidstpodcast or email us at inthemidstpodcast@gmail.com. Sign up to receive our NEW Weekly Episode Newsletter! http://eepurl.com/gnQWGb
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