30 minutes | Apr 23rd 2020

#8: Creating a Greener Kitchen by Reducing Plastic Use and Waste

We are rerunning episode 8 because like everyone in the world, our schedule got a little thrown off by the coronavirus. Since Earth Day was yesterday, we thought it was the perfect time to replay one of our most popular episodes from season 1. Plus, 2 new special guests appear in the intro!   In this podcast episode, I’m sharing how I’m trying to create a greener kitchen and reduce the amount of waste, especially plastic waste, that my family produces and tosses.    Ever since having kids 4 years ago, I’ve become so much more aware of all the waste, we as a modern family of 5 produces. Even though I’m committed to making green improvements in all areas of my life, today’s episode is going to focus solely on the food or kitchen side of things. It’s the area I spend the most time in and feel like we’ve made some great progress with small, doable changes that anyone listening to this podcast can also make.    In this episode, I’ll cover:  How we’ve pretty much stopped using single-use plastic, like plastic wrap and produce bags How you can get takeout without the plastic containers The reusable containers we use to pack snacks, lunches, and freezer meals The progress we’re still hoping to make by reducing the number of products packaged in plastic that we purchase   Have you made some greener changes you want to share? Head to our show notes and tell us in the comments and also grab all the product links mentioned in the episode. www.cooksmarts.com/podcast/8  
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