49 minutes | May 21, 2020

#30: Adapting During the Coronavirus: An Interview with Member Gabrielle Smith

In today’s podcast episode, we’re checking in with one of our favorite community members Gabrielle Smith. Gabrielle lives in Fort Worth Texas with her husband and her 7 year old son and 4 year old daughter. While she works as an attorney, she could just as easily be a professional meal planner and prepper.   Gabrielle has been one of our most active Facebook members. She so generously offers tips and suggestions when others need it and routinely shares not only photos of her meals but the comments of the food critics she cooks for. During the time she’s been a part of our community, I can also tell what an incredibly organized, process-based person she is, and she’s stepped up those skills during the pandemic.   During our chat, I had her share how she’s had to adapt her weekly meal planning and grocery shopping process to accommodate all this new normal we’re living through. We talked the day before Mother’s Day, and it was such a delight to not only talk to one of my favorite members, but a mom I truly admire.   In our chat, Gabrielle shares:   How she meal plans normally and what changes she’s had to make during the pandemic How she’s introduced more meatless meals into her life, and how you can too, especially important now with potential meat chickens and pork shortages in our future How she manages her life week-to-week to fit in all the things that are important to her   Come join us as we talk to this great Cook Smarts friend!    For all the links in today’s episode, head to www.cooksmarts.com/podcast/30   Want to be a super supporter of the show and home cooking? Please tell a friend about our podcast and leave us a review on Apple Podcast (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/in-the-kitchen-with-cook-smarts/id1454754429?mt=2). If we read your review on a future podcast, you’ll win a Cook Smarts tote bag!
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