40 minutes | Jul 2, 2020

#3: Meet Jess Smith Our Meal Plan Developer

We’re on a little summer break, so we’re rerunning one of my favorite episodes!   One of the best things that’s happened to Cook Smarts is bringing on a dedicated meal plan developer. Jess Smith joined the team in the spring of 2015, all the way from Thailand and has taken our recipe development process and the quality of our meals to a whole other level.   In today’s episode, we’re getting to know this multi-talented lady and also giving you a behind the scenes of our small little company. Plus, you’ll get to hear:   How she made a huge career switch going from working for the State Department in Thailand to working in food full time and all the lessons she’s learned during this transition What it’s like to go from food blogging to getting feedback -- sometimes less than positive feedback -- on every recipe you create The most challenging part of the job and what’s gotten easier over time   If you’re someone who’s wanted to make a career change and pursue your true passion, this episode is definitely not to be missed. Another added bonus: I also offer some advice to the entrepreneurs out there about building out your team.    For all the links mentioned in this episode and to see a picture of Jess’ family of 5, head to our show notes: www.cooksmarts.com/podcast/3  
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