55 minutes | Jan 16th 2020

#22: Building Cook Smarts & Learning to Code with Jen Gilbert

I have such a treat for you all today and it is completely unrelated to cooking, but it might just become your favorite Cook Smarts podcast episode. I’m excited to share another part of our origin story today -- there would be no Cook Smarts meal plan service without the talents and persistence of Jen Gilbert, who helped me build our meal plan service back in 2013.   Jen and I met in the fall of 2012 at a Railsbridge workshop. We had both just turned 30 and made huge career changes. She wanted to learn to code to become a software developer, and I wanted to learn to code because I was determined to build a meal plan service. There were many challenges and hiccups along the way, but in the end we launched the service on May 1, 2013 with paying customers on day 1. Come join us in this walk down memory lane and hear how we made the impossible happen. Want to be a super supporter of the show and home cooking? Please tell a friend about our podcast and leave us a review on Apple Podcast (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/in-the-kitchen-with-cook-smarts/id1454754429?mt=2). Screenshot it and text it to 650-386-0290 for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card. If you’ve already left a review there, send us a voicemail review at the same number instead!
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