24 minutes | Aug 29, 2019

#12: Strategies for Saving Time in the Kitchen Part 1

Today’s podcast episode (and next week’s) is for anyone looking to save some time in the kitchen -- so basically, it’s for everyone because in all the years I’ve taught cooking and run Cook Smarts, not one person has said, “I wish it took me longer to cook a meal.” Nope, not one.


I know many of the parents in our community have kids headed back to school this week, and with the after-school activities, homework help, PTA meetings, your schedule is about to get packed. So, this episode is for all the busy parents out there and anyone who wants to save time cooking!


I have so many tips to share that I’m breaking them down into 2 episodes. In part 1, I’ll cover:


  1. The most important kitchen skill one needs to reduce their prep time
  2. The ingredients to have on your weekly menu to ensure quick and easy meal prep
  3. Quick cooking ingredients that will make sure you have dinner on the table in a flash


Please share with all your busy friends out there, and head to our show notes for all the helpful links we mention. www.cooksmarts.com/podcast/12


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