69 minutes | Oct 30, 2020

Episode 004: Hip-Hop Vol. #2. – Magic Makers: The Neptunes

Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo AKA The Neptunes need no introduction. This producing duo has been making magic together since High School. To be completely honest, in doing research for this mix, I had no idea all the hits they created but once I strung them all together is quite apparent. Once you get into the mix, that unique Neptunes sound and instrumentation start to stand out, and its irresistible toe-tapping good! Listen to all the artists who shout them out in their lyrics. I am sure you will learn about one: too many artists, too many songs for one mix. I am sure there will be another. Please subscribe, share, rate, and leave me some feedback! How am I doing? Hit me up anytime at podcast@djferbidden.com. Shout out to my other home-Two up, two down…if you know, you know. Andiamo!
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