49 minutes | Dec 4, 2020

Venugopal Rajagopalan - Sports-Tech

Venugopal Rajagopalan joins us on the show today, we introduced ourselves on LinkedIn.

 His profile reached out to me at the time, yes sports and technology shouted out!! I thought lets organised a Zoom call and then so quickly I said come on let’s do an interview. We had so much fun at the beginning and we had such a really good laugh talking about how we adapted cricket when we were just kids. 

Then we talked about the path of life and the journey it takes us on. We have never physically met each other, we have always lived on different parts of this planet but we have always had the common thread, which is sports. Sports in our lives has been and will always be a massive part in whatever we do!! Talking can create instant friendships, please reach out to someone and interact!!  Hope you enjoy the show.  

WATCH: https://youtu.be/lpvAUgrsKss

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This is a sports podcast in Qatar. 

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