3 minutes | Oct 30th 2018

A Preview

The first season of In the Field explores where food and technology meet.

Join our host, Edible Brooklyn editor-in-chief Ariel Lauren Wilson, as we go inside Blue Hill restaurant and Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture—two beacons of sustainable food—to discover how they harness tech both in the dining room and on the farm. Learn why almost one-third of all the world’s food goes to waste from Food Tank’s Danielle Nierenberg, and find out what you can do about it at home with Bon Appetit’s Brad Leone. Join us underground in Manhattan and on a rooftop in Brooklyn as we enter high-tech growing operations to see how startups are redefining local food. Wrap your head around CRISPR—the emerging genetic engineering technology that’s already editing crop and livestock DNA—and consider what it means for people and the planet. Finally, get the DL on oat milk, the latest plant-milk craze, and listen as we test it out in a multi-course oat-milk-in-every-dish feast—we are a food magazine, after all.

Featuring David Barber, Jack Algiere, Brad Leone, Danielle Nierenberg, Robert Laing, Viraj Puri, Matthew Willmann, and Urvashi Rangan.