47 minutes | Jun 6th 2018

Episode 215: Piero Incisa on Family Tradition, Argentina, and Biodynamics

This week we welcome Piero Incisa of Bodega Chacra. Piero comes from one of the oldest and most celebrated winemaking families in Italy. He's the grandson of Marchese Mario Incisa della Rocchetta -- who broke with Tuscan tradition in the 1940s to create Sassicaia, one of Italy's most sought after wines -- and the nephew of Nicolo’ Incisa della Rocchetta, who currently manages the family’s winemaking enterprises. Piero spent his childhood on the family estate in the Maremma district of Tuscany After discovering a pinot noir grown in Patagonia, Piero decided to start his own winery in Argentina. He founded Bodega Chacra in 2004 in the Rio Negro Valley of Northern Patagonia after buying an abandoned vineyard. Apart from producing delicious wines, Chacra is notable for it's biodynamic farming practices. This holistic approach sees the farm as a single, living organism and each element is balanced to create a self-sustaining ecosystem. Joe and Piero sit down to discuss how Chacra got it's start and what this farming philosophy, which is growing in popularity worldwide, means for the winemaking process. In the Drink is powered by Simplecast
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