32 minutes | Feb 13, 2020

S3E36 / Gun Violence in America / Where Do We Go From Here? / David Hogg, David Yamane, Kevin Creighton, Tyah-Amoy Roberts

Tomorrow is the second anniversary of the Parkland shooting. How have the survivors channeled their grief into advocacy? What were some of the tough lessons they had to learn about inclusion along the way? And how do we all move forward as a nation together? Guests: David Hogg and Tyah-Amoy Roberts, student members of the Board of Directors of the March for Our Lives and survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting; David Yamane, Professor of Sociology at Wake Forest University, and an expert on Gun Culture 2.0 and the rise of guns as tools for self-defense; and Kevin Creighton, a gun enthusiast and writer for Ricochet.com, NRA Family and Shooting Illustrated. Apple Google Spotify Read the transcript
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