31 minutes | Jan 16th 2020

S3E34 / Gun Violence in America / #ThisIsOurLane

Joseph Sakran was shot in the neck as a teenager. He went on to become a trauma surgeon. When the NRA tweeted doctors should "stay in their lane," Joseph and others were outraged. Joseph started #ThisIsOurLane, an umbrella for health care providers and all the other communities who've lived and borne witness to gun violence. Guests: Dr. Joseph Sakran, Director of Emergency General Surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital; Dr. Damon Clark, Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery and Associate Medical Director of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at the University of Southern California; Dr. Cedric Dark, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine; Kereen Constant, second-year medical student at Howard University; Dr. Meghana Rao, OBGYN, Baltimore, Maryland; and Dr. William Jordan, Population Health Transformation Lead, Center for Health Equity at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.
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