31 minutes | Dec 20, 2020

Interviewing Chanti Taroconte-Perez

She believes that images speak a profound language; her life’s work is a translator of the unseen and advocates for the imaginal. She holds a Masters in Engaged Humanities, Masters in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, and is currently working on her dissertation in Jungian Depth Psychology and Archetypal Studies program at the same institution. In her work and teaching, she centers imagination, creativity, and deep rest. She teaches workshops, and collaborative training focused on yoga philosophy, women’s health, the Goddess, creativity, dreaming, intuitive movement, and yoga nidra. Her passion is to inspire students to rediscover their creative self by weaving the blessings with the wounds while honoring the land and the ancestors. http://www.yantrawisdom.com/
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